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Together, you and me, let’s do this. 

We’re about to witness something really incredible together. Your most aligned client signs up to your signature program, they can’t wait to pay you at your worth because you are owning it.

You feel clearer than you’ve ever been with your strategy and those days of feast or famine are far behind you. 

Picture this. 

You’re working out of your luxe hotel room that you booked for a few nights (a girls’ gotta have some self care time right?), you have just ordered some delicious room service and as you wait for it to arrive you’re live-streaming to your tribe - glass of vino in hand. 

You’re experiencing the life you’ve always dreamt about, you’re living the life you’ve been calling in and now, you’re ready to help your clients achieve the same. 

Your courses sell out.

You are an in-demand private coach.

Your passive income sources are thriving.

You are being booked as an international speaker.

You’re even about to start writing a book.

Life feels so playful, expansive and boundless. 

It’s a long way from your life in your 9-5. It’s a long way  from your life as a struggling coach.

And the best part? You’re doing it all skipping through cafes in any city in the world of your choice.

Ruby Lee

12 months of private personalised support from me

✔️ Unlimited amount of coaching calls to focus on your personal brand, selling from soul, creating your online courses, creating your speaker profiles, creating a podcast, becoming a speaker and learning how to leverage LinkedIn and other social media platforms to be seen at scale

✔️ Unlimited amount of voice messages

✔️ An exclusive invitation to join me for a private in person strategy day (locations for strategy days will be released 3 months in advance so you can pick the destination of your choice): 2 days in a city of your choice, a whole day spent working together on your business accompanied with a private dinner in the city’s finest restaurants.

✔️ Access to all courses, programs, events I release

✔️ Access to the OYH VIP membership

✔️ You really will have all the hands on support you’ve been looking for. I mean it when I say this, your success is truly my success. 


So let me just say this. 

This coaching experience isn’t made for the masses, it’s made for only 5 clients a year. And that could be you.

To work with me at this level, fill in this application form and let’s see what magic we can make together.

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How do you know if you should apply?

> You’re ready to do the work. My coaching calls aren’t just about sitting back and feeling inspired - it comes with energy, sometimes some good old fashioned hustle and a lot of inner work that results in huge transformation.

> You’re already making income in your coaching practice, possibly even consistent 4-figures a month ready to scale to 5-figures a month consistently and beyond.

> You’re ready to blaze your own trail and retrain, regain and refocus on the aspects of your coaching practice that you’ve forgotten gives you the most joy. 

> You’re ready to dive deep into a year of mentoring, you’re actually thirsty for this level of support and you know we’d make an awesome team. 

> You are ready to invite purpose, profit and play into your everyday life. Your business and your desires to live it the way you want are no longer mutually exclusive - they co exist and are an embodiment of each other.

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Meet Ruby

Founder of the Own Your Hustle movement, a global online coach and a sought after international speaker. Mum of two, digital nomad and a proud Sagittarius soul.

Ruby has been featured on Sky News, The Daily Mail and 

She finds her soul’s delight in partnering with early stage entrepreneurs to build businesses for purpose, profit and play. Ruby launched her business as a side hustle in 2015 as a career coach whilst balancing her executive recruitment position at a tech start up. 

3 years later Ruby went all in and within her first year of launching her business full time, she has since built a multiple six figure business with her husband and business partner. 

Ruby is currently travelling the world as a digital nomad with her two sons and the family that is the Own Your Hustle community of over 35,000 who closely follow her ready to be inspired into aligned action. 

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Is this 12 month program only for coaches?

Not at all. I’ve worked with dancers, singers, authors, speakers, yoga instructors, workshop facilitators, artists, spiritual guides - whatever your business is - this program may be for you especially if you’re interested to add an element of online coaching and online income into your business portfolio.

I’m looking for a 6 month program, is it half of this investment? 

At this stage I am only booking clients for my 12 month program. Keep an eye out on future enrolments and upcoming 6 month group masterminds.

Can I book in a consultation call?

Yes. I will book in a 30-min consultation call to successful applications. This is just as much about answering any questions you have about our time together and also about checking in to see if we’re a true fit. I’m so excited for this stage of the process! Think of it more as a getting to know you kick off call. 

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This coaching program is so much more than just a client - coach relationship. It’s a soul deep connection and friendship as we spend the year building a business that gifts you freedom, choice and abundance in this world.

This is an exclusive program and therefore only 5 spots will be available for the year. If you’re here, reading this - it’s time to make one of the best decisions you have in a long while for your business and for you.