My side hustle interviews on the Own Your Hustle podcast aim to give you an opportunity to really seek out the possibilities in your own side hustle.

What I love about hearing from all of these other side hustlers is the understanding of how everybody has a totally different journey and a very different path. Yet at the same time seeing how many similarities that we also have around our journeys. Whether it's fear, productivity or that real resilience piece.

These side hustlers will really help inspire your everyday side hustle journey but also give you a different perspective.

Episode 17 - 10 Days To Launch Your Profitable Side Hustle

In this podcast, I want to talk to you about the 10 things I believe really make up a successful and profitable side hustle. Especially, if you are thinking about launching one at the moment or playing with the idea but something has been holding you back and you're feeling a little bit stuck. You know you want to do it but you just don't really know how to get started.

The premise of this podcast is to give you some inspiration and to take inspired action in your everyday. I know how hard it can be when your 9-5 can take up so much energy and so much time that by the time you do get home you literally cannot be bothered.

I get it and sometimes we need to take this time to be recharging but there are also other days when you need to get out of your own way.

Cut through the excuses that are in front of you and just get shit done. 

'Remember that your job is not who you are, it's what you are doing on the way to who you will become.' - Oprah Winfrey

Thank the universe for the opportunity to work for an employer that is helping you pay the bills and helping you set up for that longer-term goal.

Are you feeling the call to create that side hustle that you've always wanted? It's time to rise like a phoenix and optimise that skill set. If you are conscious of other entrepreneurs maybe like me who have made the leap and feel the calling to do the same then it’s time to give your hustle the focus it deserves.

Maybe your podcasts and YouTube watch time is less about those funny cat videos and more on how to build an email list for example. You know it’s time if you're feeling a twinge of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) whilst working your 9-5 and wishing you could be spending this time on your side hustle.

You may also feel a lot of regrets because you're thinking I should have started years ago but now it's too late. You know what?

You are still writing your story and you have so much time ahead of you!

It doesn't matter if you are 75 years old and listening to this podcast, we are living in a generation where we will be living for longer and longer. You have so much time to start and write your story, so start now!

Starting Your Side Hustle

The start will always be the hardest part. It's like trying to start an old car engine, it’s hard to get going. It’s like taking the first step after you've broken a bone or even started a new relationship, it can be super awkward at the start.

The start is really tough sometimes but it's also weirdly exciting and full of anticipation!

How to Get Momentum in Your Side Hustle

It’s time to stop dancing around the idea of monetising and growing, to start sharpening that offer and going out there to the masses who need you!

They need to hear your message. It's time to launch that website to attract the right people and it's time to sell like a boss. It can be hard to start selling and bringing in that income. Short of having an Instagram page with a link to your Etsy store, I'm talking about drawing real masses of attention to your business.

I'm talking about taking the time to commit a lot of your time to accelerate your dream into a reality. 

The way that I see it is I found my passion in working with side hustlers and I have a duty to you. I pledge to help as many side hustlers out there to step into your full power. I am so humbled by all of you who come to my platforms for inspiration but I am responsible to help you turn your idea into action.

10 STEPS To Launch Your Profitable Side Hustle

If you are going to dedicate a period of time, it takes 10 days to really slingshot your idea into a reality.

STEP 1 - How Will You Monetise?

I’m assuming you already have an idea and know the type of side hustle you want to launch. So dedicate a day to thinking about how you're going to monetise.

How do you leverage your idea and turn it into a profitable one? I want you to spend a day thinking about your customer persona and the tribe that you want to build around you.

If you don't know this then there's no way you're going to be able to monetise to the tribe of people that really need your product. You're here to help them solve a problem.

Think about who are you helping? What problem are you solving?

STEP 2 - Form Profitable Habits

On day two I want to help you think about the profitable habits of a side hustler. Really start to think about what are your habits of success? They might be journaling or moving your body every day.

What also makes up habits of success is to have money goals. If you wanna grow a profitable side hustle (which is the difference between a side hustle and a hobby) you need to have the intention to grow a business.

Whether these goals are big or small you need to start thinking about how you are productively moving towards that. Having money goals also help you establish how you're going to price your services or your product.

STEP 3 - Your Mindset For Abundance

On the third day start thinking about your mindset and welcome abundance into your life. What I mean by this is that I want you to open yourself up for all the opportunity and freedom that your hustle can bring and that you deserve.

There are often voices in our head saying we can’t do it. Someone put that voice in your head. Friends, family, colleagues with good intentions, may have said you can never make money in [insert your hustle here]. “Oh, there is no money in baking cakes”, says uncle Fred who has never baked a cake or run a business.

Unfortunately comments like these stick and becomes the story we tell ourselves. But here’s the thing, if it is only a story, then you can make up any story you want.

So facing your fears and doubts and writing your story is key to unlocking success. (Be sure to listen to my previous podcast episodes that really go deeper into this.)

STEP 4 - Unleash the Value of Your Social Media

Start to think about the social channels that you like to hang out on but more importantly where your tribe is. How are you using Facebook or Instagram to grow your personal brand, your business brand, your tribe or your message?

You may be active on Facebook but how many of you have actually hit that live stream button? I'm here to challenge you to put the ‘social’ in social media.

STEP 5 - Create Your Sales Mindset

On the fifth day start to think about how to create a sales mindset. How to really get into the frame of mind that making money isn't evil, selling isn't sleazy.

By putting yourself out there with an offer, you are actually giving your work and all of your wonderful thinking a platform. A platform to go out there and scale your message and help more people.

What is the point of creating something that is never going to get off the ground? What a waste of your talent and an idea. Really think about what is stopping you from creating this sales mindset?

What's holding you back from creating that offer? What's holding you back from going all in on your social channels and your networks and saying “I'm a side hustler, I have an idea and the idea has now turned into a business. For those of you that are interested and want me to solve this problem for you, here's how you can buy from me.” Plain and simple. 

STEP 6 - Create Your Big All-In Offer

I want you to start thinking about the offer itself, that core offer you want to be known for, that is going to provide the most impact and really help someone.

Think about ways that you can start crafting that all in offer that people can start recognising you for.

STEP 7 - How Will You Launch Your Offer?

After seven days of really diving into your side hustle, and creating a side hustle mindset, you've got your big ticket offer however, that's not usually enough for people to buy from you.

You need to start to think about how you can build some trust and show your expertise. What advice can you put out there to build rapport and recognition with your tribe and for free?

Whether it be on your social channels in the form of a video series, an opt-in or maybe a tip sheet. Maybe offering your time in the form of a live stream to answer any questions that people have for you or your industry and what you do/want to do.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.32.34 pm.png

Start asking people…

“is this something you'd be interested in? Would I be helping you solve a problem?”

By about the seventh day, you should know how you're going to put yourself out there on your social channels. Testing and validating your big offer, you want to start asking people…

“Is this something you'd be interested in? Would I be helping you solve a problem?”

Start to create that conversation.

This is really about getting into a sales mindset and launching your profitable idea.

STEP 8 - Slingshot Your Idea Into Reality

On the eighth day you should be collating everything you have gotten from you community and starting to fulfil those needs. You want to start to come into that inspired action state. This can be very vulnerable, receiving feedback often is, but that’s completely normal because it means you care.

Start to think about how you can help people at scale.

STEP 9 - Tap Into Your Side Hustle Resilience

On day nine, because you've put an offer out there and taken all the steps to get to this point, sometimes we can start to panic. We've put everything out there and now we're starting to think, what have I done?

Maybe no one has bought your service or you have received harsh criticism.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we fail but it's how we pick ourselves up that matters.

How you respond to setbacks and show your grit, determination and resilience will ultimately shape your hustle. How much do you want to make this side hustle a bigger part of your life?

To achieve this start to think about what you need. Who do you need around you to bring you back onto solid ground when you get a hit of low self-esteem. It might be that you need yoga or a meditation practice in your life. Something to ground you and remind you why you’re launching a side hustle in the first place.

STEP 10 - Celebrate!

Day 10 is the day to celebrate your wins and success. Start shouting to the world “I have just completed the 10 days and it has changed my world!”

If you're in with the 10 days this is absolutely going to change your world.

But no need to do it alone. I want to be alongside you for every step of the way. Join me on my 10 day online side hustle boot camp to SLINGSHOT your side hustle idea into reality.


Doors are open to my program called Side Hustle Slingshot. I love the idea of the slingshot because the slingshot teaches us that we need to go back to go forward.

It's all about making full use of all of that slack in a slingshot and releasing with all your hustle and energy. This includes your offer, your mindset, the tribe you want to serve, everything you want to be known for and deliver into the world.

You need to know who you are first and once you do you will have all the power, all the energy and all the momentum to slingshot as far and wide as you want to.

So for the next 10 days, will you slingshot with me? 

Everything that you’ve just read is the exact curriculum that I take you through in this 10-day boot camp. You are going to love what I have planned for you.

You'll have me over a 10-day period, we'll be doing trainings together, everything will be bite-sized because I know what it's like to be a side hustler. We don't have much time, especially if you're like me with two kids - time is a very precious commodity.

This is the whole premise of this course, every day you'll have an hour learning and an hour that I'll be expecting you to invest back into your side hustle.

We all can fins one to two hours a day to learn and to go into inspired action.

At the end of the 10 days you're going to have an offer our to market and we will be celebrating together!


Thanks for reading and remember, you can absolutely own your hustle!