There are plenty of ways to grow your side hustle, one of the biggest ways is creating content in the form of blog posts, videos, books, creating online courses or podcasts and so on.

By creating this content you're able to attract an audience that may also be interested in the product or service you have to offer. But what about those unconventional ways of growing your side hustle that you probably haven’t thought of?

Here are five 5 unconventional ways that you may not have thought of to grow your side hustle!

Collaborate With Each Other

Why is this my first unconventional tip? It's because I know a lot of people who think they need to collaborate with influencers, get into the media with massive PR and it's just not the case.


We're all here to build and grow our side hustles, so why not collaborate with each other?

I spoke on the School's Out Podcast which has a really cool niche, helping people who finish high school choose what road to go down. I talked about the power of starting a side hustle whilst studying full time but was completely unaware of their following. On the day the podcast went live I received over 600 new Instagram followers, which was insane to me!

This amazing and connected Own Your Hustle Facebook group are all in the same boat. We're all here to build and grow our side hustles, so why not collaborate with each other?

Rewrite Your Job Description

This came up in the Side Hustlers Ignite Melbourne event and that was how to make the most of your side hustle whilst working full time. As well as wanting to grow and expand your skillset. If you're in a day job, how can you rewrite your job description to include what you want to do in your side hustle?

For example, I knew that I wanted to get into career coaching and even early-stage business coaching so when I was in my 9-5 I said to my employers I want to start coaching. I want to career coach to strengthen and sharpen my skillset and they agreed to write it into my everyday role. I started to career coach some of the internal people who wanted to start levelling up and becoming leaders.

Being able to rewrite my job description allowed me to gain further experience and when I took my business from a side hustle to my main hustle I had that experience behind me. I had the testimonials for my website and it was a great foundation to scale my business. 

If you're stuck on how this would work for you feel free to hit me up and we can brainstorm some ideas together!

Offer Your Talents to People Who Don't Know They Want It Yet

By offering your talents to people who haven't asked for it yet (because people don't know what they don't know) gives them the opportunity to realise they want your talent. 

I had someone approach me with an amazing illustration that she had done from one of my speeches at a public speaking event. It was my speech but in visual form and I had no idea that this could be created until she approached me!

I then tried to hire her for another one of my public speaking opportunities but she was booked out for the year!! You never know who is going to love or want to hire you for you talents unless you put them out there.

Make A Ruckus In Your Industry

Tip number four is courtesy of Seth Godin from his book, Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck? Godin talks about bringing forward a new idea or technology that disrupts business as usual.

Give away what used to be expensive and charge for something else.

For the full quote and my final unconventional tip to grow your side hustle be sure to watch this weeks Wednesday Winedown in the Own Your Hustle Facebook group now!

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