There's so much abundance in this life and it's all for the taking. I felt this rush of how everything right at this moment, right now staring at the red sunset is perfect and absolutely as it should be.

My family just beyond the door winding down from a long walk along the harbour, my gorgeous apartment with views of Melbourne for days, my deep soul friendships just where they should be and my business booming after the most successful month ever.

I'm grateful for so much. I fully believe I can absolutely have everything I call in and ask for. I've always been an over the top optimist and I'm fully aware my energy can quite frankly piss a lot of people off. It drove my parents up the wall as I was growing up. Can you imagine their anxiety as they sent this rose coloured glasses wearing girl into the world? Funnily enough, my 2-year-old son is shaping up to be quite a lot like me in that respect!

I am told often (in one variation or another) that not everything works out and it's time to get my grit on. I am told often that I need to have a balanced view of life. I am told often that I need to calm the fuck down.

I don't think I need to do any of those things really.

Don't ever assume that positive, light-filled souls haven't lived through sadness and haven't seen all the crap that life can serve us.

I've seen my fair share of hard knocks. I've seen what gambling can do to a family and having to start all over again from zero. I know what it means to go through a heartless divorce. I know what it means to fall into debt. I know what it feels like to be in all the wrong relationships. I know what it feels like to almost get fired for having a side-hustle. I know what it feels like to lose a best friend to a car crash. I know what it feels like to have a devastating miscarriage. Life happens to all of us. Shit happens to the best of us. It's how you choose to work with the cards that are dealt (tears in my eyes).

So in this moment, I'm pretty happy just being completely content.

Don't ever let anyone snuff out your light.

Don't let anyone take your oxygen.

My Personal Brand Boss clients are asked to face their true inner selves and there are moments like this right now when I get to revisit my own truth.

Are you brave enough to face yours? Are you ready to make a choice?

Minute by minute, day by day we get to CHOOSE to have everything or nothing. In our careers, we get to choose. In our hustles, we get to choose. In our relationships, we have a choice. I choose to embrace happiness and positivity because it's part of my nature. I'm incredibly happy not because I've had a bubble wrapped life, but because I'm a strong woman who chooses what I want through the good the bad and the sometimes devastating.

Never apologise for who you are.

What do you choose and who do you choose to be moving forward in your career, life, hustle? Once you stop apologising, I 100% promise you everything will start to fall into place and blossom.

Remember own who you are and be the truest you and within that, you can absolutely #ownyourhustle.

PS. I posted this to my Own Your Hustle group on Facebook earlier this week.

I'll post there exclusively first because that's my safe place, my community, the tribe who truly have each other's back.

These fellow hustlers give me the courage to platform on other platforms such as this blog post. I am so freaking lucky to have clients and a community who fully embrace who they are and who I am as we all race forward with purpose and intention in our careers, side hustles and hustle.

Come on over and join us here.

Ruby Lee