Do you find yourself watching other people light up on LinkedIn and wonder how do they do it?

It happened to me up until early 2018 until I changed my behaviour from that of a consumer to that of a producer. But I needed a real “a-ha” moment for me to truly get out of my own way and embrace LinkedIn as a “social” channel.

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know until we see someone else doing it.

This happened to Amy Nhan, lawyer, creative entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, modern calligrapher, speaker and subject of this week’s case study.

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Amy did calligraphy for fun (www.artbyames.com), as a creative outlet to her day job which was being a very busy lawyer. Not only did she love calligraphy, but she also found it relaxing even almost meditative as she worked on perfecting her lettering. What’s more, others would always comment on the beauty of her art and asked her she did it.

Pretty cool, right!?

Amy could see that she had a side hustle in the making - a hobby that she could monetise. So she did. She set up an Etsy store (www.etsy.com/au/shop/ArtByAmesDesigns) and waited for the sales to roll in.

Unfortunately, selling doesn’t work like that. You are not going to sell anything if people don’t know you exist.


Not unlike myself, Amy would watch other people confidently talking about themselves and their passions on LinkedIn.

As a professional lawyer, Amy felt unsure how to promote herself. Is she a lawyer, is she an artist? What can she say, what can’t she say? Will it be confusing to people?

“I knew I had to get my personal brand out there but had no idea where to start, what my message should be, and how to blend my calligraphy with my lawyer role.”

Amy realised that she needed to level up but was struggling to find content to consistently promote herself and her calligraphy side hustle.

“I thought I would try and take some small steps towards starting a small business, but it wasn’t until I started listening to you Ruby that I thought that I could see it as a possibility…”


Amy understood she needed to be accountable to herself, which is the essence of my tagline “own your hustle”. She realised,

“I had to take responsibility of the daily things to build my side hustle..

New Perspective - Amy Nhan.png

One thing I’ve learnt in my time is that you have to show up daily on your social platforms such as LinkedIn. Furthermore, you have to be unapologetically yourself. Speak from the heart and let go of the judgement and the trolls that are out there. Show what you stand for and against to attract your soul aligned tribe and repel those people who will never get you anyway.

That’s how I’ve built a following of over 20,000 people and an income in the six figures. It’s the principle I’ve built my programs on.

Defining your personal brand is essential to consistently generating content that attracts sales to your business. Creating an offer and not talking about you or the offer won’t cut it.

And sometimes, you need a more immediate plan to get you focused, especially when you work for an employer and you don’t want to confuse your audience with your messaging.

It’s like turning up to a football match wearing the team colours of both teams. People are unsure who you are representing.

I am honoured that Amy sought me out to be her coach and show her how to define her brand and increase her LinkedIn following so quickly.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend big money or hire your own social media manager. All you need to know is what your truth is and you will have endless content.

Amy was focused and determined and soon knew exactly where she was going.

So what happened?


Amy learned a lot.

In fact, Amy became aware that her whole approach to her personal brand was misaligned. She took my advice on board and started showing up on LinkedIn every day. This is something she never thought she would have the courage to do but now she now knows exactly who her clients are and who she is going to serve.

“Ruby gave me a lot of confidence knowing that it’s ok if people don’t resonate with my message.”

Own Your Hustle - Amy Nhan.png

Through this new approach to LinkedIn, Amy began to monetise her calligraphy business including running and booking in successful workshops.

Not bad for someone who only had calligraphy as a hobby a couple of months ago, right?

The investment she made in herself and her business produced amazing results. She increased her followers into the thousands and can post a video on her social channels with ease and flow. Best of all, she has monetised her side hustle.

Although she loves her legal work and helping people in need, her side hustle has given her options for the future.

“Thank you so much, Ruby. I learnt so much and what it means to have a real personal brand.”

Ready to show up on LinkedIn daily with YOUR personal brand?


Watch my video masterclass on how to be unapologetically you, own your truth and harness your personal brand. I will show you how I grew my LinkedIn followers from 3,000 to now over 20,000 and attract amazing opportunities to my hustle.

Ruby Lee