You need to fly under the radar, be seen and not heard, don’t bring attention to yourself. ”

So how is that working for you?”

It’s unfortunate, but a lot of the time we are taught to blend in with our surroundings. “I’m a chameleon”, a few of my clients have said. “I sort of adapt to the situation so I don’t stand out.”

But here’s the thing…

… we don’t remember the wall flowers. We remember that person who brings attention to themselves. Whether you agree with them or not, they have a strong personal brand.



I used to “toe the line” and nod along even if I disagreed.

I would be standing in a circle at a party, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so held back from speaking my mind.

Same at work, I sat in meetings, biting my tongue. I then waited for the big opportunities to come to me but guess what?

They never did.

This “flying under the radar” concept is fundamentally flawed as it doesn’t consider the bigger picture -  your personal brand.

Flying under the radar will not get you noticed, whether it be for promotions, job opportunities or generating sales for your hustle. Your personal brand screams “do not disturb”.

People come to me and ask for advice on how to break out of this mould.

Which is why today, I want to share with you some of the successes my clients have had, along with their key learnings.

Melissa, Christine and Stephanie, through crafting their personal brand, have positioned themselves to stand out from the crowd and get more attention.

But not just any attention, the attention they want and deserve.


1. Self-confidence

Melissa Leong.png

Melissa, a very determined client of mine, just loves that she has given herself permission to be herself on social media and when meeting people face to face.

She did some soul searching to find her true personal brand which she had resisted releasing for a long time.

Often we tell ourselves stories about why we can’t talk about ourselves freely. But these are only stories, they are not set in stone which means the story can be changed.

“A big take away was finding what my truth is. When doing the exercises Ruby set me, I felt quite emotional. I did some deep digging into my blockers that stopped me coming out more. Now I can be more myself.”

2. Build A Like-minded Community

By owning her truth and embracing her personal brand, Christine found her tribe, a community she could relate to.

Christine Robinson.png

She learnt how to talk about herself and what she wanted to do, not just hide within her employer’s brand. She learnt to incorporate her personal brand with the messaging of her employer resulting in receiving the attention she wanted to receive and benefiting from it.

One of these benefits was to build and attract a like-minded community around herself.

“I feel like I’ve gotten so much more sense of about how to talk about who I am and what I want to do.”

3. Direction & Purpose

For Stephanie, her personal brand felt a little lost.


In particular, she was unsure what she stood for and how to articulate it. I loved watching her journey as she gained more self-confidence and learning to be more in tune with herself.

The major benefit she experienced by embracing her personal brand was becoming more career focussed and driven as she knows what she wants now.

“I’ve probably never had so much self-reflection. You helped me break down my self-barriers.


The beauty about your personal brand is that it is already in you. You just need to draw it out so that is feels aligned with your actions and your actions aligned with your intentions. When there is alignment you feel at ease and in flow with yourself.

While stepping into your personal brand can take a little soul-searching, it actually lets you plan for all sorts of possibilities, rather than just limited ones constrained by the stories you have been telling yourself.

So where did Melissa, Christine and Stephanie start?

They began by identifying their values. When you know what you value (and what you don’t), then these in essence form the foundation of your personal brand. It helps solidify what you stand for and stand against.

So ask yourself, “what are my core values?”. If you’re unsure what your values are then download my worksheet here.

Then be prepared to speak to them and you will be well on your way to establishing your personal brand.



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Ruby Lee