In this blog, I wanted to talk about the lessons that I learnt whilst running my own event and a theme that came out of the day, which was the word crossroads.

Every single person at the event shared their story, including where they're at in their current career and why they feel so drawn to creating a purpose led side hustle.

These conversations really light me up and to have 15 people in the room sharing their personal stories was electric. But almost every person in the room was describing how they're at a crossroads.


Stay in your 9-5 OR go all in with your side hustle?

Almost everyone said they were at a decision point in their career. Asking themselves whether they should continue to balance their 9-5 or to go all in on their side hustle?

My Crossroads Journey

I was travelling in South Africa and at the time I was still working in my 9-5. I caught a lift to the top of Table Top Mountain where I saw a street sign that tells you, you are ... far away from your country. I was looking for Australia and I remember it saying (don't ask me why) 10,383 kilometres away!

Looking at this sign I felt this sense of home. This analogy comes back to the fact that I wasn't looking at the number, I was relating to the feeling of home. Sometimes we forget this when looking for our purpose.

When we're standing at a crossroads and we're looking at all the different signs and directions that we can go in. We start looking at the numbers and how hards it's going to be to get there.

We start to think about the logistics and how hard it's going to be to start, to get the money to fund it, the time we don't have and we forget to hone in on the emotional side of how it makes us feel. We forget to listen to the intuition that's within us.

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Are You Standing At A Crossroads?

Are you telling yourself that you can’t do it or that you can’t afford it? Well, it’s time to crush those excuses!

If you're standing at a crossroads right now wondering whether or not you should leave your 9-5 and go all in with your side hustle. But you're telling yourself that you can't, I want you to turn things around and start to think about, what if you could?

Don't let the how to's come into play here because they can really hold you back from feeling into that moment. That moment of clarity and passion for what your goals are and passions truely are.

At Side Hustles Ignite I talked about how to truly set a mission and feel into that vision. It's within you to take the action and make that come to life.

Always trust your intuition.

I left my full time job in March of this year and it is my 12-month anniversary of deciding to go all in with my business! If you're wondering how do I get past this crossroads when I have so many fears and concerns holding me back. You have no idea how to make it happen then here's where to start. 

3 Tips For When You're at a Crossroads

1. Make A Decision Today, Either Way 

Make the decision that you're either going to stay in your 9-5 or you're going to go all in with your side hustle. This doesn't mean that you're going to go into work and quit your job today, it just means you need to make a decision today. 

Decide whether you will go all in with your side hustle and fully commit to ONE DAY going all in with your hustle. So you know that's what you're working towards and it will no longer just be an inconsistent income source (unless that's what you want). Or you're going to let your side hustle remain exactly that, a SIDE hustle. 

The Next Big Step

It's thinking about what you want and then moving onto the next big step. For you, the next big step might be going part-time. It might be going all in with your side hustle. Or it might be finding a new employer because your current employer is not supportive of you growing your side hustle. 

2. Stop Waiting For The Right Time

I was waiting for the right time for over 3 years. Waiting for the moment when the doors would fly open and someone would tell me, "it is the right time Ruby!" Guess what, that never happened. 

When you're waiting for the right time your could miss the boat. You have to make the time. 

3. Crush Your Excuses

If you've decided I'm going to make my dreams happen, then you need to put on that suit of armour and crush your excuses. When there's something in your head saying I can't do it, you need to crush that excuse with... 

Yes, I can!

If it's money holding you back, start putting $1 away a day because that's all you need. It's that act of putting away money away that will give you the financial sense of security that you need. That $1 might turn into $2 a day and then $5 a day. Then maybe you decide you don't need to buy lunch every day and it's $10 a day. Then after 100 days, you have $1,000!

Without the fear of money security or status, if you could have all of that in your side hustle, what's really holding your back?

Listen to the podcast to hear my crossroads journey and how I made the decision to go all in on my side hustle and say,

F*ck it let’s do it. We're all in, we got this!

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