Alexis Harvey works with freedom seekers and entrepreneurs to help them hit their money goals and live their life in alignment. She is a sought-after money coach and is all about helping you reach your highest purpose and potential. 

Alexis helps her clients overcome limiting beliefs to take practical action towards their financial goals. She has also created her own money management system to help people all over the world manage their money with purpose.

We talk about all of this including pricing your products and services, knowing your worth and so much more!

Money and Mindset

When it comes to mindset and manifesting money into your life people often think it's just "woo woo" and that you can't just manifest money. 

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Money Mindset

If there is nothing for money to anchor to because you don't have an abundant mindset, it becomes difficult for you to make money, save money and call it in.

Alexis explains money and mindset to her clients by saying that your thoughts affect your feelings, which will then affect the next feeling that you have. Which is a continuous cycle that directly affects your behaviour and how you put yourself out there. It will affect what you go after and the decisions that you make. 

If you don't have a healthy mindset and relationship with money it becomes so much harder for you to become abundant and break through your limiting money beliefs. 

Managing Your Money and Using a Money Management System

Alexis explains how her money management system not only looks at the money side of things but also your values and beliefs.

  1. What matters to you?

  2. What are your future goals?

  3. What do you need in your life right now?

When it comes to managing your money there needs to be a balance between saving your hard earned cash and enjoying your life

It's looking at the numbers and creating a balanced approach. This is where a money management system can really come in handy. More money will not change your money problems, you have to become more aware of how and where you are spending your dollars. 

Working On Your Money Shit

Working on being intentional when it comes to your money really affects your abundance and the sustainability of your business or your side hustle. It affects how you price your products, how often you put yourself out there and how confidently you put yourself out there. 

Working on your money shit affects everything including how much value you dare to offer in exchange for money. How you manage that money as well as the emotions of having an inconsistent income as an entrepreneur. 

Are you managing your numbers in a sustainable way so that you can continue to grow, thrive and Own Your Hustle?

The Abundance Tracker 

The Abundance Tracker is a way of planning and tracking all of your money inline with your values, your highest priorities and where your future goals lie. It's a way of visually planning all of your months so that you're accountable and seeing where your money goes. 

You’re able to weigh up your living expenses vs your income so that you can realistically plan where your money can go and what goals you can actually achieve. 

Selling With Ease

Self-worth is at the core of busting through your limiting money beliefs and how you price your services or even just the way that you spend your money. Your worth is not determined by money so when you price your products or services it isn't a reflection of your own self-worth. 

When it comes to pricing yourself and putting yourself out there you have to get out of your comfort zone. 

It's about choosing a price that you will feel amazing to deliver your product or service for. No one can tell you that it's worth more or less because it's what you know is right for you and your values. 

Of course you have to know your market and be competitive but don't discount your services just because you don't feel worthy. Know your self-worth and never apologise for charging what you're worth. 

Don't discount, add value!

For more tips on Busting out of Your Limiting Money Beliefs be sure to listen to the Podcast with Alexis Harvey. 

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