Here's the thing... I haven't been at all true to myself and what I really want out of my career. Ironically, I've been a coach and mentor to 100’s of clients where I help them embrace their truth. But I have danced around it in my own side hustle and this is the exact thing I talk about.

Find your passion and purpose!

Ruby Lee Journal

This “find your purpose thing” sounds a bit cliche but it holds true for me. Now I am all about building ‘purpose-built side hustles’ which has two criteria:

  1. your hustle is based on something you are passionate about, and

  2. your hustle helps others.

But I didn’t always heed my own words.

For most of my 3.5 years of side hustling I was a career coach. I was helping others but my passion for writing resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters began to wane after a year or two.

I could feel a calling to help people with side hustles but I was too scared to transition my business from career coach to side hustle coach.

My truth hasn't ever really been said in full. I've never thought my story was fascinating until I started to build a loyal tribe who continue to work with me, buy from me and trust me. I find my clients story so interesting so I really shouldn’t be surprised that they’d be interested in my story too - but I was.

I never thought my hustle was anything special until I started to get interviewed on podcasts with a reach of tens of thousands. People started to ask who are you? what do you do? what does side hustling mean to you?

I never really thought I had much of a message to share until I found myself being invited to speak on big stages to tell my story.

For some reason, I’ve felt I've never really been able to speak my truth. I felt something holding me back and yet nothing holding me back at the same time.

So here it is...

My Truth

I started as a side hustler.

My last 9 to 5 was a Head of Recruitment role.

I did love it, it was the best job I'd ever had.

BUT I LOVED my side hustle even more.

So I worked hard and turned my SIDE HUSTLE INTO MY MAIN HUSTLE.

I am so energised by my hustle, every, single, day!

And I am proud of it and what I'm creating.

So how did I start?

I am a Mum of two boys currently 10 and 2.

A wife to one.

I started side hustling in 2015.

It was somewhat of a failed attempt.

I got a first and final warning from my employer at the time. I was forced to choose between the two, my side hustle and being fired or no side hustle and keep my day job.

I chose my hustle.

I learnt a lot about myself and don’t think I would have done it any differently.

I’m proud that I honoured my truth.

I found another employer that was perfect for me at the time.

They supported my big dreams and encouraged me to create an additional income stream.

How Did I Do It?

I don't watch any TV (... ok, maybe a little Westworld!)

I worked the 7 pm to midnight shift on my side hustle for the better part of 18 months before I made the leap to my main hustle.

My husband went all in with me as my business partner and I must say, we rock!

I then resigned from my wonderful, secure, full-time job early 2018 and started to slightly freak out.

I ate chocolate to cope (Pana to be specific).

I based my content on everything I experienced as a side hustler.

What Does Hustle Mean To Me?

I want to inspire other side hustlers to do their thing whilst enjoying success in their day jobs.

I am passionate about my client's success.

I love my side hustle clients.

I want to travel the world speaking my message and activating other people’s side hustles.

I will write a book one day to empower side hustlers.

I want to work more with side hustlers, those who want to maintain their jobs whilst giving their hustles a red-hot crack, and those that want to take the leap from side hustle to main hustle.

SO... deep breath. There it is!


If you have only known me as a career coach giving resume help and career advice and this new side hustle thing doesn’t resonate with you, well, I completely get it if my content is no longer for you.

However, if in some way this inspires you to think of business opportunities, inspire you to take action, to seriously think about a creative venture or to look to start that thing with your bestie, then you need to connect with me!

I’m serious, send me a message on Insta (@_rubylee_) and I will respond.

So if you have been toying with a side hustle idea…

I promise you this journey is going to get REALLY good.

I did it for 3+ years and I'd love to share with you my stories on the good, the bad and the epic fails to ensure I help you on your own journey to build a purpose-built side hustle.

There it is, my truth statement. Will you share yours? Join the tribe over in the Own Your Hustle group to see what others are saying.

Are you an early stage entrepreneur ready to call in consistent money and flow into your business? Perhaps you’re taking your side hustle to main hustle and want to learn how I did it?