Since launching the Own Your Hustle podcast I have been on such a fun and amazing ride. It has hit the apple iTune charts consistently in the business and career category, which makes me so incredibly grateful to all of my listeners.

with Ruby Lee

This episode is all about how to monetise your podcast! I want to give you 6 tips that you can start to explore and research to start monetising your own podcast today.

1. Start or End Your Podcast with an Offer

This offer is a way that your podcast listeners can work with you, partner with you or purchase your services/products. This is a way to help your audience come to you as customers and clients.

Don’t be afraid to share ways in which you can help your audience. Your podcast is like listening to the radio and the radio has ads that you have to listen to. Promoting yourself is no different to that.

2. Be Creative When Promoting Your Services/Products

Sometimes it can be hard to sell yourself and jump straight in with ‘hey guys I’ve just launched a new course’! Start to think of ways that you can be more creative when talking about your services.

For example:

“This podcast is proudly brought to you by OYH The Membership, the monthly membership for side hustlers who want to change the game and go all in with their business!”

This can also help to open up your podcast for sponsorships. If someone likes the way that you promote your products/services, they may ask you to promote their products/services on your podcast as well.

3. Sponsorships

Whilst I have never had anyone approach me to shout them out in my podcast, I am always open to the idea. However, it would need to be aligned to who I am and what I’m about.

When it comes to sponsorships you don’t want to be talking about a company and their services unless it’s something you would be talking about anyway.

If it feels forced and it takes you a while to find ways to promote them authentically, then it’s probably not aligned with you and your hustle. I would recommend not going down that path because your audience will be able to tell when something is disingenuous.

4. Utilising Your Show Notes

Your show notes is the area where you can click a down arrow and see a description for your podcast episode. It includes a title, a little summary and it is a great place to include links to your other social platforms, your website or where people can find you products/services.

However, if you don’t have those links hyperlinked so that they open up on a new page you are missing out on potential customers. Always make sure your links are working!

5. Inviting Your Listeners to Connect With You

To learn more about how to open up the conversation to really connect with your audience and then hear my final tip on how to monetise your podcast, be sure to click below to listen and find out!

Listen here to the podcast to get Tip #5 and Tip # 6


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