When it comes to overcoming sales anxiety, it comes down to how you think about your work, your self-worth and knowing how much you’re able to change one person’s life..

I had so many levels of deep to work through when I first started selling in my side hustle. Investing in a coach is something that I can't recommend enough. I worked with my first ever coach just before I took the side hustle to main hustle leap - I spent $15k to work with her for 6 weeks and ultimately it changed my perspective on selling in flow and with joy!

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Whether you feel aligned working with me isn’t the point.

Working with a coach (not just a mentor) will help you grow your side hustle faster, sell with pride, break through your fears and be unapologetically you.

How To Overcome Sales Anxiety

When it comes to selling to your audience you’re probably offering them all this value and giving all the best stuff away for free. That can be your energy (I spend up to 7 hours a week on livestreams for example) or this blog I’m editing. However you’re sharing your great work, you’re also selling you. BUT! How are you extending offers out to those who need you the most?

If your call to actions are too quiet, we may start to think maybe I can't do this or it isn't for me because I hate sales. I had a conversation with someone in my Own Your Hustle community and they wanted to run an event. They had put the ticket sales out there and wasn't getting many bites so with each passing day the anxiety around selling the tickets became heightened. Can you imagine what this did to the tone of voice when sharing of the upcoming event?

In this instance, the event space had been booked and perhaps the easy way out was to cancel the event all together. Can you relate?

It might not be an event it your case, it could be a workshop, a coaching course or filling a masterclass and you’re staring at a low sales tally. You start overthinking and panicking but guess what? It comes back to two things in my mind and those two things are:

  1. Ego

  2. Faith

What is Ego?

When it comes to our egos we actually need them to be able to sell without anxiety. When we want to work with someone it can be easy to let our ego get in the way without actually listening to their wants and needs.

We can fall into ourselves more than listening to what others want.

This can turn into constantly bashing people with the same sales message over and OVER again. Think of infomercials for example, gross. Think about when you're reading through a sales post and you actually feel the ick and the desperation.

How Not To Sell - when you're pushing the sale without a message or really connecting to the meaning of why you are offering your service in the first place.

When audiences feel oversold to they start to feel like you're not trying to help them at all and that you're just trying to help yourself and your revenue targets.

Or if it's not about money and you're running an event, maybe you come across too desperate to have another person in the room and your audience senses it.

But here's the thing…

…I've run and been invited to speak at events before. More often than not the events with 5-10 people feels like the fullest, most engaged and soul led room compared to a room of 500 faceless people.

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher and a spiritual mentor of mine and he has a lot of insight into our egos.


“Thought and worry makes up most of the suffering that we experience in this world.” - Eckhart Tolle

Tolle talks about a healthy self-esteem vs ego and being happy with who you are in order to release and surrender the sale. In other words, finding self worth = a release in the ego of needing to make the sale, fill a room, sell out courses because whatever is, is the best possible outcome.

Think about it like this, if you're not sharing your gift with people, you are being selfish. If you're not selling, creating solutions and giving people the opportunity to work with you that’s holding you back and it’s holding those who need you the most back. .

Remember why you started in the first place and big things will happen.

Having Faith In Yourself

Having faith is about knowing and believing that your higher power has a bigger plan for you and that will be all that matters. If something doesn't work out to how you envisioned things to work out then the timing wasn’t right, it doesn't mean it's never going to happen.

The power of surrender and letting go is about releasing the sales sass and the expectation and even more abundance will flow.

Superficial happiness and linking your happiness to numbers is not an expansive mindset. If only one person signs up for your event be happy with that one person! The expansive will say: wow, I got to work with that one person who’s life will change forever. The contractive mind will say: I knew I should have cancelled, how embarrassing to have only 1 person show up - I’ll never live this down.

This isn't to say you have to play small. Have your big audacious goals because that is what keeps us linked to our big ticket dreams and the universe already has your order. It's just about remembering to be grateful for that one person that really needs your help right now.

[EXERCISE] Why You Feel Anxious

Ask yourself what money are you bringing in right now to your business? Make a list and think about what money you're bringing in from your business or side hustle and how are you doing that?

If you haven't monetised your business yet think about how you want to make money. Write a list in your journal and then write down what you think you have to do to make sales.

The answers you get from these questions are probably linked to the reasons why you're feeling anxious and perhaps it’s your ego is in your way.

Think about:

  • Does my offer make me feel expansive or contractive?

  • Does it make me happy?

To release anxiety, feel into that sense of happy and excited when talking about your offerings. You have to make sales fun! If it's not, you might need to ask yourself if your offer is the right offer.

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