I think that many of us are stuck in an old belief that the harder you work, the more you are pushing in a direction - any direction, the more it feels like action, the more it feels like work, the more it feels like you are earning your money.

You feel me? Well, that statement is a false belief that is most likely ingrained in all of us.

In the first 4-6 months of my business, I spent much of my time undoing a lot of my real, true, core beliefs around how to sell.  I was basically feeling around in the dark asking myself questions about the best approach. Do I scale? Should I make sure I am marketing to a niche? How do I put my link out there to the world? Does branding really matter? What if my website is crap?

Can you see yourself in these questions? What is stopping you from getting your message out there?


“If you are creating drama around it then you won’t show up for it every day.”


We will often create complexities around how to move forward and I want to tell you one thing - drop the drama!

Drop the drama around making income, creating abundance and just go ahead and share your message. Oh my god!  It exhausts me to think about all the unnecessary drama you are giving to creating sales. Identify and shatter those roadblocks. It really doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t need to make sure you have the fanciest tech system, the cleverest opt-in scheme, the best pricing strategy or be an expert to bring in the clients.

Break the untruth.

Now, own your truth.

What is so dramatic that it is stopping you from doing your thing and creating money flow and sales into your business?


If you are gearing your excuses towards technical systems and platforms, let me tell you, that I didn’t have the top tech when I started. I sent out my first sales via a Facebook post with the price and said shoot me a DM if you’re interested and then I would send them a PayPal link. Don’t complicate things for yourself at the beginning. This is the time when you are figuring out how to get a deal out for your business and working out who your customers.

Get yourself out of the infinity loop of tangible excuses to not make sales. Just get started. Put it out there with what you have.


Choose the path of less resistance. If it feels weird for you to put the pricing out in bold on your sales page, then don’t. If you feel that it is less awkward to chat with your people in a discovery call and talk about pricing in that time, then do that.

Personally, I like to be transparent and put the pricing out there for everyone to see and then in the application. I will ask them to confirm if they have checked the pricing and then get them to seek more details for the payment plans. Open up the money conversation for your clients. Choose the path with less drama. You will see that by doing this you will become more aligned with your clients. Now you can get on with making a massive change in their lives!


I have found that opt-ins have been a really successful pathway to draw sales in my business. But it’s not all about those cheesy gross sales pitches of cold calls and spending 8-hours a day sending out direct emails - what a horror movie! I do not resonate with this at all!

One of the ways I do this (not my preferred way) was creating downloadables. I once created a daily video email drop over 10 days about how to start your side hustle. From this, I had 150 sign up and converted 35% which was an amazing success when I was starting out. It was such a great result from an email campaign like this. If this way doesn't feel right to you, say it with me, “then don’t do it!”. Now, that is not to mean give up when things get too hard! What I mean is that you give it a go and if it is not aligned then don’t create drama around it, change it and move forward.

You may like to use your social media platforms to send out your sales every day. Post them with text, with images, mention them on your lives or in your stories. Let it be aligned. Don’t let it be hard and shitty. People will feel how you are feeling through your content. In your written posts, blogs and stories, people will feel the desperation. You might still get the sales acting in that way but it will end up grinding on you and ultimately get too hard.


Basically, dealing with the feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence and imposter syndrome are all parts of continual self-development work. There is no one fix for this. There are times, even recently, when I think to myself, who am I to teach about this when I am still learning? Who am I to present this when I’ve been doing it for a shorter amount of time than others?

If you show your authentic journey then your audience will show their authenticity back to you because you are leading by example. It is never ever ever about ‘wanting’ or ‘desperation’ for the sale.

Say it with me ‘I don’t need the sale’

The sale is a beautiful reward for the way in which I receive with ease and grace, and the universe showers me back with that. When you release the ‘need’ for the sale, you are releasing all of the energy that feels really desperate and contracted.

Check in with your energy when you are putting something out there. Get into an energetic state and, ultimately, you will be that magnet and you will receive it in flow.


“There is not a single day that I don’t want to be in my hustle”


These funnels of tech systems, opt-ins and pricing plans are just strategies that you can try on for size. See how they fit with you and your business, if they feel wrong, then let them go. If your side hustle is a means to an end then you need to check yourself and the reason you started this hustle.

Be aware there is a fine line between making up excuses to not show up every day because it’s too hard, and therefore being dramatic, or are you just getting into momentum?

I wish for you to relax into your business and love the hustle that you are in. Love what you are doing every day and do it with ease, grace, fun and flow.



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Sophie Tauai