The focus here is for those who have not yet started sending out coaching products online. My mission and goal right now could not be any clearer. It is so focused on taking you and your side hustle or business and really adding in the additional streams of income for you and making it fun, expansive and not overcomplicated.



2019 is the year of money making, if you want it to be. Invite the abundance into your life and be strategic with it.


Breaking through those limiting beliefs is key to getting started. My business before this was all about in-person coaching and although I loved it, and still do, it was just not aligning with my long term vision. So, I needed to take it from an in-person business and give it an online space.

When I started, my social media channel was very very small. I had about 300ish people of which most were family, friends, my mother’s group, my current clients and then random follows of pages that were not interested in my business. At first, I thought how can I market myself to such a small social following?! I was petrified that people would unfollow me.

THEN I thought about it, if I put these 300 people in a room with me I would be able to feel all of the energy in that room. With this visualisation it was no longer a small following, it was HUGE! Even if only 50% of them saw my post or story then that would be a massive win. It was about knocking out those progression blockers and putting myself out there.

If you have a small audience then you are in a great position to monetise what you are doing. If you start marketing your product and selling right from the beginning then it will become the norm. People won’t be turned off by your product offering and selling later on because you’ve always done it with grace and ease since you started.


Establish your online income stream by diversifying your current practice. Think about what you are already presenting in person and use this and expand on how you share your expertise.

Previously I was giving workshops as a career coach and I used presentation slides to help me. I then took these skills online using the same method. The use of slide decks is a fantastic tool to help you present your learning outcomes and take your listeners through a story. Although I am now phasing out slides I would recommend that you only create 5 slides at the most. A great tool to use for this is Canva because you can upload your brand’s fonts and colour scheme and their design options are awesome.

My first online promotion of my 1-hour masterclass was made on presentation slides and I created a post which went on all my social platforms and LinkedIn pages. I launched this masterclass over a 5-7 day span and spoke about it each day; talking about it on stories, going live with it, mentioning it at the end of blogs or writing about it at the end of social media posts. These avenues then lead people to my simple website that had a Paypal link. It was super lean and there was nothing fancy about it. This 1-hour session, by the way, was only offered at $30! I was just putting it out there and seeing what came back.



There was one time that I put an online offering out there and it didn’t stick. Why? - because no one asked for it and, therefore, no one wanted it. It wasn’t useful to my audience. What I learnt from this experience was that I needed to be consciously aware and listening to my tribe; I needed to be asking them what they wanted to hear and what they wanted to feel.

Ask you those who are interested in what you are doing - your family, friends, customers, clients, social media channels, ask on stories and use polls. You will see a trend in the information that is coming back to you. Collate this data and listen to what it is telling you. Use Google sheets and create a spreadsheet to keep track of the questions people are asking. If there is a spike, then begin creating something around what it is they want and then monetise it, create lead generation and grow your income.

Your first or second ever digital online coaching product should be reflective of that key topic that people were asking for.


It is important that you understand the value of what it is you are putting out there. You might think to yourself that there are 1,000 others out there saying and doing the same thing - that’s ok! Get in there - the pie is actually massive.

You are amazing.
You have so much to give.
You are as unique as a fingerprint.
You have such a strong message that has been given to only you because you are the only one who can say the things you that you need to say to the world.

Begin by practising through live streaming and recording yourself, even before you start monetising. Get in the habit of being on video. These are some quick pointers about how I began practising recording myself:

  • Practise speaking into the lens, not the screen

  • Cover up the little timer on Facebook lives so you don’t get distracted

  • Watch your video back and check your:

    • Lighting

    • Volume

    • Posture

    • How are you holding yourself

    • How are you holding your space

There are many free and paid systems out there to help you run your business.  These are some that I have used before:

  • Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, Calendar

  • Zoom

  • Canva

  • Kartra

I want for you to accelerate your business idea, your side hustle, your business and up-level this year. I hope that these starter tips of creating, launching and presenting online coaching products have given you the boost you needed to get started and own your hustle.

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How To Take Your In-Person Coaching Practice And Turn It Into An Online Global Business

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