In this weeks Wednesday Winedown, we’re talking all about journaling and why I don't believe in goal setting. I collected as many of my journals as I could find to take you through some of my entries. I discussed which ones have come to pass, some that are coming to pass and how I write in my journal. 

This video will give you some tips on how to journal with intention as well as discussing why I don't believe in goal setting.

Practical Examples of Why I Don't Believe in Goal Setting

Let me clarify here, I believe that goal setting without any kind of intention is complete bullsh*t. 

For example: 'I would like to earn $1,000 in my side hustle'. This is a prime example of something you might want but that is absolutely meaningless without intention. 

Journalling has been the key to unlocking my intentions at a deep soul level.

The things I never used to allow myself to desire, I now allow myself to desire.

An intention of mine for 2018 was that I wanted to serve 5,000 side hustlers. This was a big intention that had me thinking about how I could help side hustlers really step into their purpose led side hustles with flow and energy. 

This intention of mine has turned into a business that brings in multiple five figure months consistently. If I had simply set a goal like 'I want to make $20,000 a month', that would have meant absolutely nothing to me. 

How To Set Goals with Intention

If you're wanting to set goals you have to start thinking about them in a much deeper way. I had a bigger intention with a vision that ultimately led to getting me one step closer to my big ticket dream. 

Goal setting has a place in life especially if you are process driven or very analytical but just make sure you are backing your goals with intentions.

To understand your intentions, grab your pen and journal and starting writing to this journal prompt: 

Journal Prompt 

If you allowed yourself to be completely unapologetic about your business model what would that look like? 

If you feel like you are creating a business model that isn't as aligned as you would like it to be then think about this journal prompt and use it to feel into what your business model would look like if you were being completely unapologetic and real.  

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Journal To Own Your Hustle

Future journaling is something I'll be teaching you in OYH The Membership. Writing into the future is a way to quantum shift into the feeling that it has already happened.

A lot of people think that manifestation is just about thinking and wishing for something to happen. Manifestation is so much more than that, it's about feeling something, moving into that place and truly believing that it's yours to have. 

There is no point in building your side hustle if it is not what you want to do.

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