I want to dive deep into the importance of self-care and how to release judgement. Let’s do some soul-searching so that you can start opening up doors of progress, abundance, and money flow. 

So if you're feeling stuck on where your business is going, this is the episode for you! 

Episode 45 - Releasing Judgement, Being Called A Fraud And The Importance Of Self Care

The Importance of Self-Care 

It's always important to have some chill time to practise self-care. For me this is getting a massage, a manicure and having some girl time. Just to really catch up on some nurturing self-care.

Nurturing and self-care are very important as your side hustling. Self-care will keep your mental health strong and your personal wellbeing game on point!

Always try and make time for yourself whether it's within the week a fortnight or the month, whatever feels right and aligned for you to actually schedule in self-care. I'm not talking about your daily habits of success, this isn't even about going to the gym and doing yoga.

I'm talking about all the other things you wish you had time to do to nourish your soul and your body with whatever that looks like for you.

Schedule it in and commit to committing! 

Self-Care Can Help You Expand Your Hustle

For example, I know when I'm getting my massage I do tend to switch off but every now and again it opens up a paradox of creativity. Allowing you step out of the hustle and become more creative.

This might mean stepping away from the computer and going for a really long walk. A walk where you're not listening to a podcast but you're unplugged and having the time to switch off.

Meditation App | 1 Giant Mind

This meditation app was suggested to me by my health coach Sarah and is also used by one of my clients Scott! It has really been amazing for me to go through the guided meditation to ease my mind.

There are 15 steps to get started and they are 15 minutes each/a day. I love this app especially because it allows you to have thoughts whereas some other meditation apps don't allow thoughts, so this app really works for me.

How to Release Judgement


“Letting yourself feel into that judgement at times but only taking the good parts of being judged.”

This has really helped me the past couple of weeks in particular. I've been having a lot of media spotlight and media traction and growth within my business. Including more views, followers and engagement which is great to open up communication with your tribe for community speak. Plus, you get to see why people are attracted to you, your vibe and your message.

However, with all the amazing attributes also comes the judgment. Which can come in the form of negative comments, trolls, challenging thoughts (which is often good) and people just disagreeing with your viewpoint and not wanting your opinion back. These moments are often challenging and I've been going through this for the past couple weeks.

For example, people have spent the time sending scrolls and scrolls of negative comments like 'you're a scam', 'you're a fake', 'you're creating a dream for people that is unachievable!' That I've made people feel like crap because I'm painting a fake picture of what side hustle to main hustle really looks like and that I'm not considering the average person.

Spiritual Practice, Meditation and Journaling

Words like this can really hurt us especially when we're not given the opportunity to respond. That is why my practice has been to release this kind of judgement through my spiritual practice, meditation, journaling and visualisation to eliminate the negative.

Always look at judgement from a place of love.

Approach negative comments with I'm going to take this and send this person some positive vibes to fill their love cup up. Having the understanding that if a troll takes the time to write out and send a lot of hurtful comments. Then their world must be full of hurt so I want to send them a prayer of hope. A prayer that they will find light in what they are doing and joy in their life.

Choose to receive negative comments with love and give back that love, boomerang it! Send them love, joy and light. 

By doing this it gives you an allowance to feel free from anything that came from that message. Whatever you give to people comes back to you, so always have that in the back of your mind.

The Six Basic Human Emotions

Feeling judged is an underlying reason of why so many of us feel the six core emotions as a human. The six basic human emotions are:

  1. Happiness

  2. Sadness

  3. Fear

  4. Anger

  5. Surprise

  6. Disgust

When someone judges our success or sends us negative comments we are going to feel one of these six emotions. We might feel really sad and fearful or even anger and disgust. However that we choose to react we have to come back to meditation and releasing what we're holding onto, to then move on.

I wanted to touch on judgement because I know a lot of my clients have said 'I hate being judged'. It hurts, you feel like you're being judged and spied. 

This is a reminder to let go of all of the expectations that others put on you. Lock in on your vision, your purpose and your missions and what you know what is yours to have.

This is how you power through and stay strong in your side hustle or your early-stage business. 

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