When it comes to money, selling and the abundance side of our side hustles, we're often too afraid of putting ourselves out there. People have told me that they find it too hard to price their services, offers, courses etc for potential clients and customers.

Let me tell you something, all of the messaging that you're putting out there is going to waste if you don’t have a proper strategy around promoting and selling your services.

Selling Your Products or Services

I am very particular about how I sell, I never want to come across as pushy or as if I'm trying to make people work with me. What I’ve done to avoid this feeling of being pushy is invest in my mindset.

When it comes to selling I have worked through how to confidently sell with my own business coach, through reading and the different courses I’ve purchased. These things have really helped me break that money mindset.


Shout out your great work from the rooftops

When it comes to selling, it is something that you have to get right for you. There is no amount of theory or selling strategies that can help you put yourself authentic self out there.

The only thing that will help you sell authentically is journalling, grounding back to your truth and your mission. Figuring out your why is so important, why do you have your products or services out there? How are they going to serve your audience?

If you know that what you’re putting out there is wholeheartedly going to help even one person out there, you should be selling with so much pride! Tell the world what you have to offer.

Dealing with the Haters

I have this amazing partnership with my husband and business partner Michael. When it comes to our hustle, Michael geeks out on the numbers, the business structure and the strategy and I’m the messenger. We have this really amazing working relationship with one another.

Every now and again my husband will pop up in one of my live streams and my tribe are 99.99% supportive and always write beautiful comments. However, on more public platforms like LinkedIn, I sometimes receive comments that aren’t so supportive.

When people find a need to write hateful comments it can start to bring up certain fears and insecurities that you might have. I received a comment on LinkedIn this week and it made me feel like crap.

The comment was, 'I’m getting tired of this constant self-promotion Ruby, this is not an advertising sight please go to Facebook.'

The doubts and insecurities that are linked to that comment are the fact that I don’t to feel like I’m exhausting all of my social channels and self-promoting to wit's end. I worry that my audience is going to get sick of my offers and no one will want to buy from me anymore.

That’s where the fears and doubts come into play. I have worked through these but it doesn’t take much to have all of these fears bubble up again. However, when you build a soul aligned tribe of people who love hearing what you have to say, they tend to back you up.

Someone replied to this comment with, 'I’m not sure if this is sarcastic, however, isn’t that exactly what LinkedIn is about? Personal promotion. Personally, I love seeing how much Michael and Ruby love their work.'

This made me feel so proud of my tribe and what’s we’ve built together. I also decided to respond to the comment as well. 

Guess what, I am on Facebook but I’m also loving the new community here on LinkedIn. I’ve just disconnected from you but you’ll still be able to see my content so you’ll just need to click on the three dots next to my name to hit unfollow or block me.

In fact, anyone who isn’t into my journey, please do the same no offence taken what so ever. I’ll continue to post daily content, sharing my journey and documenting my ups and downs here so others feel inspired in their own hustles. I’m not here to be everything for everyone and if this isn’t for you and you’re not here to be fully immersed into what is unapologetically me I totally get it.'

After writing and posting this I felt super empowered. By writing down how I was feeling I was able to counsel myself in a way and move past it very quickly.

Be Unapologetically You

If there’s anything you take away from this I hope it's that you should show up unapologetically as you, put your offers out there and sell your services. Completely filter out the people that come into your lives to stain your amazing mood and vibe.

When it comes to self promotion, one of my amazing friends Erin Henry talks about how powerful it is to shamelessly self promote. I love her mantra on this and I love that fact that as side hustlers if you’re not shamelessly promoting and putting yourself out there, you're not going to be found.

Shamelessly self promoting for me is all about how my message is going to help others. Every time I have a new program I always back it up with a message that you can apply to make things happen. If you feel that you need extra help or support you have the opportunity to work with me.

I’m able to impact your life by providing value and shamelessly self promoting. Not enough people do it authentically and the only way you’re going to find what is authentic to you is by doing the work.

What is the message that you want to spread? What meaning does it have for you and what offers do you have out there to help your tribe move forward, fix a problem and improve their life?

Think about these elements and everything will fall into place.

Selling Strategies

Selling strategies definitely come into play as you’re scaling your business. I went from earning $5k a month to now consistently earning $25k a month and above. All of that growth and amazing abundance is a result of the course I’m building, the coaching that I’m putting out there and it is impacting people

This all links back to the way that I sell, the way that I message and the way that I put my offers out there.

I hope this has helped you plan the way you craft your own message and shamelessly self promote to share that with the world.Start selling and think about ways you can back your message up.

There are people out there that need the help from you, so put your offers out there! 

For more on this topic be sure to listen to my podcast: Episode 23 - Getting Used To Selling The Shameless Self Promotion


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