‘You know what Rubes, I have given my socials a really good go and I’m just not feeling it.’ Have you been one of those people who have said this to me recently? Have you been feeling this too?

I’ve been hearing people say how they are putting themselves out there on social media and it just seems like no one is listening. They’ve been out there writing, blogging, posting all the good content and sending it out everywhere. They’ve been doing all the good things but not securing the clients, the brand opportunities or the aligned collaborations. It looks like nothing is coming in and it is all starting to feel really stale. I hear you.

The self-promotion you are putting in is ‘the work’. This input is what we do at the early stages of starting up your business. We are the ones who do have to keep showing up to self promote. This is the whole purpose and intention of doing your business. These things you are putting out is the whole concept of showing up online.

Now, you can hire a PR company to do this for you, I have done in the past and it was great. However, I have also had clients say they have spent thousands of dollars on PR and not seen the results they wanted. They then went on to scrap the whole campaign and get in there themselves and be tenacious, even at the expense.

“I know that my measure of success comes from within. My measure of success does not come from the metrics.”

“I know that my measure of success comes from within. My measure of success does not come from the metrics.”


This is what I believe in. Tenacity. It is about how tightly you are wanting to grip on to something. How much do you want to not let go of something? Check in with yourself and ask yourself, are you being tenacious? When you think about your purpose, side hustle, business or career - how hard are you wanting to hold on to it?

In my early days I would be showing up online with an Oliver Twist energy - ‘please sir, can I have some more please?’ Why was I going out there with such a desperate energy. What even is that? That’s not tenacity. That is the type of energy that will crush everybody’s spirit and especially mine and yours.

Vanity Metrics

I received a stressed out message the other day asking how many videos did I put up on LinkedIn before I was able to make an impact. The answer is, 100 days of consistent content.

When I started sending out my message I knew that LinkedIn was where my market was. I knew that they wanted to hear that side hustling was ok. I knew they wanted to hear that they had permission to start a side hustle. Regardless of the old stale and pale LinkedIn group that say you can only talk business on here, I knew that I could grow my brand on this professional platform. I said, ‘whatever’ to the haters. I said, this is about your career and your life, this is about what lights you up on the inside.

When I first started my groups and would record lives, there would be no one watching and then I would see that no one watched the replays either. It wasn’t till after a week that there were some views and they were mostly my family. I had a great spike in views on my LinkedIn when it started because it was my colleagues watching and wondering what I was up to! Once they lost interest then I pretty much lost my whole audience.

It wasn’t until I passed at least the 100 video mark that I received my first message. My first ever message asked me if they could engage with me to be their coach. After that I was then approached to speak at events and then the ball was rolling! Up until that time, I had been working my full-time job with my side hustle and was doing consulting here and there. This time was a fantastic bridging way to grow my confidence. It was here that I learnt that with momentum and action comes clarity.

RubyLee_Side Hustle Coaching


I received another message recently from someone who was so worried about their videos which were not receiving any engagement. I was so shocked to hear that they had only posted 15 videos. I thought perhaps they’d made a typo and it was meant to read 115 but no - it was 15. There is no need to be worrying, complaining or doubting yourself to stop sharing your message if it’s only 15 you’ve put out there.

You need to check in with yourself and decide what you are doing this for. Where is your measure of success coming from? It’s not for the likes and the love hearts. I know that my measure of success comes from within, it does not come from the metrics.


If you are losing that momentum to show up everyday and then you stop showing up, don’t come back and apologise! If you’ve only been going for a week I bet you no one even noticed sweetheart. Get back in there with tenacity and keep going. Your audience will only notice if you were consistent in the first place.

If you are toiling over the fact that you are showing up everyday and no one is seemingly hearing or seeing you, liking your work or commenting on your posts. Just remember that we all have to start somewhere. It is often that when you think you are at the starting point it’s actually not the start. It’s about getting your head and your heart right first. You will learn the strength that you need to keep momentum along the way. Check in with your tenacity barometer. How much do the trolls or how much does the silence make you want it even more? Does it make you want to retreat into your shell and never come out again? Or are you saying, ‘I’m fired up!’

Don’t get me wrong, I still have those cry-into-my-pillow moments but then I say, pass me my armour. We are all humans and we all get the feels.

Here are some things you can do to keep your tenacious momentum going:

  1. Journalling every day

  2. Writing out affirmations

  3. I call someone who I know will kick my ass if I need it

  4. Post into our Facebook group and tell us you need more support. That’s what we’re here for.


In this masterclass I’ll show you:

+ how to create content for LinkedIn

+ how to create value-add posts without over thinking it

+ how to socially sell on LinkedIn without the sleazy second hand car salesman factor, and

+ overall, draw in amazing opportunities for your hustle.

Sophie Tauai