My clients and Insta community have been asking me all the questions around niching. How to, when to and if they should. There is so much content already out there and they are worried about whether they can just talk to that one specific person online without sounding crazy.


I share from my own experiences and perspective and that of my clients who chose to niche right down. There are others who decided to only niche to a certain level and then just wait to see what the universe had in store for them. This is a great way to go when it is based on your own intuition. Niching is not an 8-step type solution that will work in the millions for everyone, it's more about being based around your own preferences and instincts.

Niching comes down to the types of people you want to hang out with all the time. Who is it you want to be laser-focused on? Who are the people you want to serve? It is about knowing exactly who you are showing up for and crafting your message for. It’s about all the people who you want to work with on an on-going basis.

If you are marketing to everyone then you are marketing to no one

The concept of niching, is about coming down to your space of expert. However, sometimes we think what about all of the people we are missing out on? Who is not hearing my message? Am I restricting my growth and financial income? There becomes a sense of FOMO - if I only concentrate on women then what about all the men that will miss out on my message?

So, how are you dealing with all these queries? What are you doing in this headspace? I don’t think that this is a moment where you need to doubt and feel that it is a test. Our circumstances as side hustlers often change and we need to be flexible with that. Listen out to your people and hear what they are asking from you. Note down the messages that are coming in and notice the pattern that is occurring from what they are asking. What you will see is that the industry that you are meant to be in, might just be coming to you!


“Do you want to be there for everyone or show up for someone?”

Before I knew the true direction of my message I was being a career coach to everyone. I was coaching those going through redundancy, professionals making career leaps, graduates, those in their 50’s and 60’s - I had a huge spectrum of clients. This in itself made me feel confused about how to market to everyone. I didn’t know how to write my content and therefore I was confusing my potential clients too! People were asking me, are you a career coach? Can you help me, is that what you do?

If you are hearing confusion coming back from your customer base and are seeing this a lot, then this is a really clear sign that your message is not clear. I totally thought my message was crystal clear but it was obvious from the audience that it wasn’t. It was also a clear indication that I was not niching down enough.

Write out why you are feeling so confused. Ask the universe to make it so crystal clear and obvious to you. Manifest for yourself that you do know when to expand into this area and that this feels so aligned, exciting and fun and that you are loving the adventure of it. When you know, you will immediately feel the energy hit you. You will totally be able to recognise it




This might sound similar to marketing experts asking you to put together your customer avatar. Decide what it is your human does, where they like to hang out, what they do every day, how they love to wind down and then ingrain this in your mind. You can give them a name and then...release it. Screw up or rip up that paper and release it.

By crafting your message you will see that you will start to show up more authentically. I am working more and more with the people that really fire me up and set my soul ablaze. I am having deeper and deeper conversations with more of you who are so incredibly aligned. This is the power of niching. This is what will help your business grow because this is why you want to show up every day.


When I am working with my clients who ask about niching I will get them to write down 3-5 points about the things that they just can’t wait to share with the world. Sometimes I might get an answer like mindset, passion and purpose….ummm to me, this answer is the equivalent to saying I love cheese and wine when in reality you’ve only had wine in a box and plastic cheese squares! What about all the soft and gooey cheeses, what about a beautiful Shiraz or and Cab Sav?

So, let’s flesh out your 3 points. How about if you said, I want to increase mindset practices for millennials and help college graduates find their purpose? Do you see how this is so much more specific? This is where you will start to see your niche.


Sometimes clients will say, but what if I have two niches? This can often be the case and one that I was also doing. I had my corporate workshop clients and I had my side hustle clients. It was a struggle to make them mesh together. In the end, I had to give way to one and keep going ahead with the best one - you, my side hustlers.

When you’re feeling into this decision, think about the human that it is you want to serve. Think about which one it is that you are more likely to go with. Check in with yourself and see where your energy is drawn to. Make it so easy for yourself that you are able to see how you can combine and give clarity to know which direction is aligned.


I speak my truth and there is no BS around it. This is why people choose to be in this space with me. If you create a false niche people will see through that and call BS. You might be worried about sharing with people that you are still learning and so you act differently online. By acting differently to where you actually are in your life, you will ultimately end up creating a false niche.

It’s true that you might not have a big flow of clients when you are first starting out or when you make the shift to align with your true message. But see this is as a great time to tap into who it was that you enjoyed serving more. In this space, you will be able to spot the synchronicities as to who you can create a community with and what starts to unfold naturally.

You will often notice that the people we want to work with are actually versions of our past selves. I started coaching side hustlers because I couldn’t find someone to help me grow my business in the way that I needed. We often build our services around what we have been through, the past that we were yearning to get through and what we needed help with. We had to go through that morass in order to serve. Once you start manifesting on who it is you really are, let it resonate, suddenly you will see that the ball starts rolling a lot faster.

“I always feel energised and on cloud9. This is because I know these are my aligned clients. This is because I took the time to understand my niche”

“I always feel energised and on cloud9. This is because I know these are my aligned clients. This is because I took the time to understand my niche”


The whole notion around the word purpose can sometimes end up overcomplicating matters. The more you know, the more you bring it, the more you become so much stronger in your message, the more you align with your human. You won’t be sharing with everyone, just that someone. Think about what makes you so excited to show up? What will make you want to go on Insta stories every day? Personally, I just really love to come on all the time because I want to tell you how great it can be to run a business!

People will often ask me if I ever feel exhausted or energetically drained. The answer is no! I always feel energised and on cloud9. This is because I know these are my aligned clients. This is because I took the time to understand my niche, to understand my human and to who it is I want to serve. This is the reward that is the outcome of this knowledge. Being in business and hanging out and working with these humans is what I love and adore!


Be prepared that getting going in your new found message can be like the Hockey Stick Analogy. The bottom of the hockey stick is where you are figuring things out, realigning, then your engagement starts to grow and then, BING! you’re away! You are finding people and vice versa, people are magnetically drawn to you and you are allowing for the right people to find you. If there are any haters or nay-sayers you just have to say, no thank you and keep growing!

I want you to think about the way you want to show up. Don’t be a massive cliche by wanting to serve the whole world. Take the word niche out of it and JUST BE YOU and be who your message is. Serve your truth and you will end up finding your people from all over the world! Know and trust that the universe is going to bring all the right people to you. I can’t wait to see you step into your message.

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Get laser focused on all the big things you want to call in….




Sophie Tauai