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I have always been fascinated by the idea of being an online entrepreneur. That was my dream - the freedom to earn an income whilst travelling the world, work from the beach and spend lazy hours napping next to my kids.

My personal side hustle story started back in 2015. I am still asked daily 'what is a side hustle' so here's the best way to talk to it through my own journey. 

A side hustle gives you options.

It's a sideline source of income that can give you the opportunity to create new levels of financial, emotional and intellectual freedom whilst working in a traditional 9-5. It's also a great way to monetise your passion and purpose - think hobbies like fishing, jewellery, fashion, sport, social enterprise, helping people laugh, growing vegetables even! The list goes on.

The side hustle can also bring you a lot of hope and inspiration. I've coached new Mum's to start hustles whilst on maternity leave (how mine began), right through to working with executives who want out of the corporate game.

My story begins as a hobby property investor, I then built a share portfolio and also invested in cryptocurrencies. I used the income from that to build my coaching business whilst working a full-time job. Let's just say the hustle has always been a part of me. Today I have gone all in with my hustle and proudly coach and mentor over 80 clients to build their own side hustles.

5 years ago this wasn't even an option. I was a good corporate citizen, climbing the ladder and wrapping my entire identity around a job title. The idea of leaving employed land seemed like some far away universe that only belonged to the likes of entrepreneurs and trust fund babies. I was fearful of losing a trusty income source and worried about how I could sustain my lifestyle. The old money vs happiness tradeoff was a real thing and now that I look back, I can see how I created limiting beliefs for myself trapped me for years.

When I started my first blog in 2015 (after the birth of my son) I had no idea that it would

(a) almost get me fired, and

(b) boost me into entrepreneurial utopia.

That utopia is what I call my last employer, Cogent. A dreamland for entrepreneurs - they supported me through all the tough times and gave me full-time employment that was engaging, challenging and fun whilst giving me free rein to build my personal brand. Outside of my 9-5, I was able to spend time on building my blog, attracting my tribe, monetising it, creating youtube videos, writing for other publications, collaborating with other hustlers out there and within 18 months I created a six-figure side hustle! 

Whilst my employed days are over, I support a lot of corporates, startups and individuals who want to create multiple income options doing what they love. On their terms. And be freakin' success whilst doing it.

My clients are unicorns.

Their hustles often don't reflect their skill set but reflect their passion. I've met a marketing executive who drop ships a killer jewellery line, a HR manager who has built a scheduling software for doctors, a business development manager who runs a lifestyle blog, a product manager who has a boutique confectionary company, a software developer who has a gardening app, a receptionist with a hamper/gift business, a recruiter who runs a successful gin company and an operations manager building a training platform for kids with mental illness.

The list goes on and I'm always amazed by the side hustlers that I'm surrounded by. I'm amazed by their passions and their work on their hustles is actually not just work, but their life's work.

Not just a side hustle, a purpose-built side hustle.

I’m hoping that you can feel my passion and love for my hustle come through in this post. I love my business because it’s purpose-built. That is, I created my business based on my values and my big ticket goal.

Some people do things to make cash - and that’s cool, I have no problems with that. But what I teach my tribe is to start your side hustle based on something you love doing. You will get so much enjoyment and feel so much purpose in your life as a result. Those late nights and early mornings won’t feel like work because you are so energised.

And when you get in your zone of genius, the money will follow. Could you make millions from your hustle? Maybe. Could you make enough money to replace your day job salary? Absolutely if you’re prepared to do the work and play the long game.

What is your big ticket goal?

What is your passion?

What would you love doing every day if there were no constraints?

What’s really stopping you from taking action?

Today I'm a fully-fledged entrepreneur.

I'm well on my way to building a multiple 6-figure business and left my last employed role in early 2018. I'm all in with my life's work to empower side hustlers out there to go for their big dreams. In saying that though, I continue to build side hustles off my main brand. I am dedicated to continuing to create new brands, new programs, new businesses. Isn't that what side hustles are made out of?

So after 3 up and down years of being the rebel, the misfit, the misunderstood, the one who worked too hard, the corporate recruiter who had that blog... I know that side hustles are the future.

xx Ruby 

PS - Oh and what about that dream?

My family and I are planning out our endless summer, the business is now 100% online and every week I start to work with more and more global clients. That freedom to earn an income whilst travelling the world, work from the beach and spend lazy hours napping next to my kids has all become too real all thanks to my side hustle.

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Ruby Lee