Having imposter syndrome…

What are you supposed to do when people start questioning you? Questioning you on what you talk about, what you’re passionate about and ask ‘what makes you an expert on your side hustle?’

After receiving confirmation that I would be speaking overseas, I was over the moon! However, soon after the huge wave of excitement, the nerves and the feeling of being an imposter started to set in. I started to question myself and my ability as an international speaker. To get on an international stage and talk about side hustles is an honour but who am I to try and be this amazing international speaker?

The thing is that I already know that I’m an international speaker. I have always known that I was born to do this. 

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I received a message from one of the Own Your Hustle tribe members who let me know that he had recently started a side hustle. He was going to be hosting a mastermind and he had a bunch of people keen and ready to take the leap with him. The same thing happened with him. 

After the excitement passed he started to have feelings of ‘who am I? Who am I to try and teach?’ 

My response to this amazing tribe member is to trust that you would not have been called to start a mastermind with this many people interested if it wasn’t mean to be. It would not be happening for you without this being your calling and you having a great message that YOU MUST share. 

Using The Imposter Syndrome To Your Advantage!

You can actually use the imposter syndrome to work to your advantage. When imposter syndrome starts to creep in you need a counter potion to help you step into your power and your own truth. Any time that you feel that you’re not good enough or that you’re not meant to deliver this message. 

Anytime you feel that there are already other people out there doing what you’re doing and you feel like you’re copying someone. You need to take a sip of your counter potion and realise that every single person has a way of delivering something in their own way. Write out all of the impostery things that creep up in your grill and rewrite the truth. ie. “I’m not good enough” turns into “I’m more than enough”.

Having imposter syndrome is actually the number one indicator that you are ready to level the f*ck up!

Anytime that we feel really fearful or hear a voice within us saying “DON’T DO IT!” Then you should probably do it (within reason) It’s just like when we do something like sky diving. Our bodies are telling us don't do it, don’t jump. So what do you do? You let out a scream of fear, joy and excitement all in one and you just do it, you jump. 

Take The Leap

When I was on Sky News I had those ‘sky diving’ feelings (no pun intended). The feeling of huge excitement, but also fear. The ear piece wasn't sitting right and I swore it was going to fly out of my ear. All I could think about was that everything was going to go wrong and of how scared I truely was. I started to think about what I was going to say, how I was going to say it and wondering how I would best represent Amongst all of these thoughts was IMPOSTER, IMPOSTER, IMPOSTER. 

Yet as soon as the Sky News live broadcast was over (all of 5 minutes) I was like HOW CAN I DO THIS AGAIN?  

Give Yourself a Pep Talk and Step the F*ck Up!

When you can tell yourself that it will all be ok and that you’re going to step up. Step up and claim what’s yours, that is when you will start to see personal gain. Personal gain, growth and you’ll start to see yourself moving forward at levels you could never have imagined.

My Daily Affirmations 

Every day I ask myself…

How am I going to live out my purpose today in the most powerful way that I can? How do I show up online and talk to my tribe about what I know they need to hear? 

I talk to the universe and my higher power about letting me speak my truth. About stepping into the lives of thousands of people so that they can become ignited by their side hustles and their purpose to live the life they were born to live. When I say these daily affirmations over and over and over again, it talks me out of my imposter syndrome and into my purpose led meaning in life. 

Audio Recordings 

From: You 

To: You

Anytime I feel down and out I will listen an audio recording that I’ve recorded as my most powerful self and in my most powerful position.


Anytime something happens to you and you feel on top of the world, this might be having a 20k pay rise or scoring a project that you wanted to be on. It might be scoring your first side hustle sale or even just creating a course that feels super aligned to you and your purpose and you are pumped! In that moment, I want you to remember to record an audio of some kind to really capture the essence of that powerful feeling.

However you choose to deal with having imposter syndrome whether it be through talking to friends, recording an audio of yourself when you’re on top of the world! Or turning to things like your energetic crystals, understand that there is a higher presence leading you down the right path. 

Your path will be shown to you in your own divine way.

Brooke Lindsay