These online programs are designed to be completed over several days or weeks. They are self-paced and really deep dive into your hustle, focussing on both practical strategies and mindset work.



Do you want to start a side hustle but unsure where to start? Spend 90 minutes with me in an online workshop where we dive into:

  • Choosing Your Best Idea For Hustling - do you have so many ideas but not enough clarity? Or are you the opposite to this and have no idea what to do? No problem, we will find and validate your best idea and get you off the start line no matter what your experience level is.

  • Overcoming Side Hustler Blockers - these come in all shapes and sizes. These are the limiting beliefs that we have let creep into our mindset, preventing us from taking charge and launching our side hustle confidently and proudly. Let's tackle these together.

  • 10 Ideas To Get You To Your StartLine - no more procrastinating. No more hanging around the back. It's time to move yourself up to the front and onto your start line with these ten action taking ideas.

Perfect for the side hustling beginner.



These are the audio sessions from the Side Hustlers Ignite workshops I recently ran. In it you will learn:

  • Intention Setting - 40 minute session - No more dancing around the sidelines, it's time to get in the game. No more waiting to be recognised for your skills and talents, it's time to take action. No more being an observer, a supporter, a fan of others - time to play like you own it.

  • Money Mindset - 65 minute session. Let's look at how you can monetise your hustle. Let’s talk about how you can start to sell and price yourself. Let's map out the different offers you can make.

  • Daily Habits - 50 minute session. How to create momentum and flow in your hustle. Where to find those pockets of time to work on your business. How to breakout of any indecision to make real progress.

You chose the extraordinary life. You decided a long time ago that you need to create this purpose-led hustle. It’s time to enter a new phase and commit to committing. 

 And it all starts here. 



An immersive, 10 day program where you and me find a way to consistently monetise your side hustle. You will learn:

  • Day 1 - How to monetise

  • Day 2 - Profitable habits of a side hustler

  • Day 3 - Mindset of abundance

  • Day 4 - Unleashing the value of social media

  • Day 5 - How to create a sales mindset

  • Day 6 - Your big, all-in offer

  • Day 7 - The secret to launching

  • Day 8 - Slingshot your idea into reality

  • Day 9 - Side hustle resilience training

  • Day 10 - Launch party

Perfect if you're ready to slingshot your side hustle.



Is a four week online training that shows you how to:

  • unleash your personal brand, be unapologetically you and attract the opportunities beyond your wildest dreams

  • learn to market yourself and craft your message to draw in your tribe/ clients/ unicorn employer

  • discover how to promote yourself on social media, become a recognised expert in your field and get paid for it

Personal Brand Boss includes group coaching calls with Ruby as well as access to her via two-way voice messaging. 



This is a 30-day, 4-week online program for the up and coming coach who wants to blaze their own trail.

  • Reinvent your coaching practice to be an online global success,

  • Explore the coaching models that best suits your style,

  • Go behind the scenes of my business on all the tech and resources I use to streamline, automate and scale,

  • Learn how to brand yourself using social media to attract soul aligned clients,

and so much more!