Ruby Lee tells it like she sees it - educating and energising side hustlers and business owners who want to create growth in their tribes and in their businesses.

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Founder and success coach Ruby Lee is driven to encourage others through speaking globally. She has hundreds of LinkedIn videos and counting, doing just that. 

Her passion is for the below topics. If you’re looking for a speaker or moderator who can empower your audience, ask for Ruby.

  • Personal branding and how this leads to business growth

  • How to make the most of your social platforms

  • How to build and nurture strong tribes

  • Owning your side hustle

  • Hiring for your business


Want to learn how to recruit and retain an amazing team? Ruby uses her background in corporate recruitment and scaling tech startups to coach and run workshops for founders and employers. She especially enjoys the below topics:

  • Personal branding

  • How to network like a boss

  • How to hire as a startup founder

  • How to use social media strategies to showcase your employer brand

  • The future of work and how to embrace it


As LinkedIn’s #1 energy source and top #100 business podcast host, Ruby uses her content to nurture her tribe. If you want to partner in content that creates conversation and lights people up, whether that’s through content for your platform or a way to get your brand in front of her audience, talk to Ruby.

Business Coaching


Ruby helps thousands of side hustlers and early stage entrepreneurs to release what’s holding them back and grow their business through leveraging their personal brand.


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