Episode 84 - If you don’t believe it’s possible for you, you’re f*cked with Alex Rudnicka

After trying out a few different businesses, Alex was on the brink of giving it all up until she realised it came down to the belief she had in her own dreams.

Meet Alex Rudnicka, The Founder Of CEO Female Entrepreneur

If your ego has been a little bruised because your last launch didn’t work/ or if you tried once and it was dismal … well now, Alex’s story is going to be a reality check for you. 

Alex shares her story of 4 failed businesses and how she picked herself up from these learnings to create CEO Female Entrepreneur. The CEO Female Entrepreneur was born out of the desire to help women on the path of personal and business transformation that had the complete solution in one place, who they needed to become to experience the reality they desired.

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Ruby Lee