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Motivational Speaker, Founder, Success Coach  

Ruby Lee is a career mindset coach and online entrepreneur representing the changing face of the workforce.

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After turning her side hustle into a 6 figure business whilst working full-time as a tech recruiter, she realised her calling was to teach individuals and business how to utilise their personal and employer brands to attract an nurture their loyal tribes.

Ruby is today known as LinkedIn's #1 energy source and motivational content queen. When she isn't sharing her energy via social media, she is growing her successful online coaching business as a speaker, facilitator and success coach to energy-focused individuals and teams globally. As a result, her business, RubyLee.Co, is rapidly becoming recognised as the go-to place for side hustlers.

With a background in HR, corporate executive recruitment and showing startups how to scale up, she is also founder of Tribe9 to do just this.

She believes following your truth is the key to achieve your life's work, not just work.



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Ruby Lee is a tech startup recruiter turned side-hustle coach, online entrepreneur and all the energy you need to turn your idea into freedom. Ruby was once nearly fired for having a side-hustle and today she dedicates her life and business to enabling early-stage entrepreneurs everywhere to create options in their career and abundance on their own terms, some whilst balancing a day job.

Ruby wholeheartedly believes side-hustlers are the future of work and today helps thousands cut through their 100 ideas to creating profitable businesses. Ruby specialises in sharing her truth, diving into practical business tips and best of all help you crush through your mindset blockers to be unapologetically you.

In between all of this hustle goodness, Ruby speaks to audiences on how she leverages LinkedIn to grow her personal brand and business organically.

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