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Am I The Coach For You?

Choosing a coach is an important decision. When you find the right coach they can 10x your life, career and hustle. But not all coaches will be the right fit. So to determine if I'm right the coach for you, have a little stalk here:

If my messages, my energy and my passion resonates with you then so will my coaching style. 

“This coaching experience with Ruby has impacted my life for a better change and I feel I can just be myself - it’s been amazing.”
— Steph


  • You've been chipping away at your hustle for around 6 months OR maybe you're on a fast track to side hustle utopia
  • You've launched your hustle and you need a few tweaks to get it humming
  • You're already drawing income and you're thinking it could be time to plan your transition to main-hustle
  • You have an idea and you know it's goooood, but you're not sure how to take it out to market
  • You have an idea and you have a strong social following but you're unsure how to monitise it
  • You don't just want a quick validation or a quick turnaround, you are in it for the long-term
  • You are ready to put in the work and get shit done
  • You have a huge vision and you are ready to make your mark

As my coaching is immersive, soul level and you get 100% of my time, I take no more than 5 clients on at a time.  Coaching is by application only. If you're ready to take all the action and get started with me let's do this!




$333 USD


  • One deep dive 40 minute session with me on the topic of your choice.
  • Got a specific issue you want to pick my brain about?
  • Side hustles, personal brand, social media, online coaching business, recruitment and hiring advice, career transition, that sort of thing.


$1,111 USD

  • Three private video calls over 4 weeks.
  • Each 30 minute session deep dives into your goals and motivations and backed up with aligned action.
  • PLUS you will have full access to me during our time together via WhatsApp voice messaging and online messaging to ask me anything. This is the differentiator my clients love about my coaching style - it's not just about one off calls, its ongoing support throughout the 4-weeks together!
  • By application only.
  • Limited places. 
  • Payment plans available. 


$4,444 USD

  • Nine private video calls over 6 months.
  • This is for you if you want a coach by your side throughout your career and hustle transition.
  • Start a side hustle, guide you through side hustle to main hustle, balance your day job with side hustle, career transition, personal branding on heat.
  • PLUS you will have full access to me during our time together via WhatsApp voice messaging and online messaging to ask me anything.
  • PLUS my unlimited feedback on your hustle strategy, road map, social media plan and content.
  • PLUS you get access to all my video masterclasses.
  • PLUS a golden ticket to 1 of my courses (i.e exercise your ticket and receive a course of your choice for free).
  • By application only. 
  • Limited places. 
  • Payment plans available. 
“If anyone is looking to change careers, build a personal brand or move roles, I would highly recommend engaging Ruby Lee.”
— Michelle