We all need a little motivation to not give up on ourselves ESPECIALLY if you’ve just launched a business. ESPECIALLY if crap you didn’t see coming splats you right in the face like a lemon meringue pie and you think, “not now! why now! I’ve just gone all in with the hustle!” 

Almost 50 days into my entrepreneurial journey I have found the one thing I’ve been protecting the most is my energy. Keeping that source alive is like making sure Iron Man’s heart still burns bright. To do this I spend my days with my hubby and kids, in meditation and yoga, journaling, spending soul time with friends, drinking wine and of course a good long run. 

Here’s the thing you need to understand about energy; it is both a physical asset as well as a mental one. Our energy muscle is a part of us that needs just as much nourishment, love and attention as our physical bodies need to remain optimal. The month has been a contrast one for me. Sometimes the universe tests us beings in ways that you don’t see coming. I didn’t see this one fireball head for me at all. I was completely blindsided, happily working away in my hustle, protecting my energy source, building the resilience I knew I needed, crushing it in my hustle.

But one fine Saturday… it got me.

Right between the eyes.  Right when everything was smooth sailing. NEVER did I think this pain could come from my family, my blood. 

You guys know I speak my truth and once I process and heal I’ll share how this dark moment has defined me as the woman I am today. Top line is that my Dad has a gambling problem.

And when shit like this knocks you about you have a choice.

You can either choose to respond with love or fear. 

Last Saturday when it felt like my world was crumbling down around me and after a good comforting cuddle with my man, I sought refuge in Y-O-U, my tribe. I ran to you because over the last 3 years I have brick-by-brick, built a place that lights up every cell in my body.

Ruby Lee


My LinkedIn family - you guys are incredible…your energy smiles back at mine!


My Facebook tribe which started with 35 people - now at almost 1400 hustlers is my ambience.


My Insta crew - giggles, behind the scenes and so much support.


My clients, you are my soul, you chose me and I chose you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

You all told me to keep going, keep inspiring, to not give up, keep spreading the light. You gave me so much energy.

Listen to your energy source, it will be speaking to you every day.

For a year I’ve parked the idea of starting a podcast but there was something about that night which drew me to inspired action. 

On the 13th of May, I recorded 2 back to back episodes of my brand new podcast ‘Own Your Hustle’. I recorded the intro and the outro, designed the cover,  wrote the outline, learnt the software platform and Mike had it up and running for approval by Apple by 2 am that morning.

The old Ruby would have sulked around upon receiving news that Dad has once again committed a selfish act and hurt the family. But instead I spent 4 incredible hours of being in creative flow because I chose to react with love, not fear. 

The first few episodes have been loaded and I absolutely cannot wait to bring you more!

Nourish your mind with good, surround yourself with choices driven by love and listen to your energy. Keep going friend, you’re crushing it.

Remember, you can absolutely #ownyourhustle - don't give up, you've got this.

xo Ruby

PS. here’s the link to my podcast. It was made with love from one hustler to another.

Ruby Lee